the winner is Peach

this line in Peach’s victory animation got a change in delivery that i think is really interesting! in the Melee version Peach seems naive and totally oblivious of her surroundings. you can tell it comes from a misogynistic place because it makes no sense - why is she confused about whether she won the battle? that’s silly. 

the new version stays faithful to the words, but by tweaking the intonation the characterisation is totally changed. she’s now sarcastic as hell - she knows damn well that she won, and you were a chump for thinking that she wouldn’t. 

okay cool now nintendo pls drop the word ‘bros’ from the title, everyone just calls it ‘smash’ anyway

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you monster

gender: whatever?


so i’m… fairly sure? that nintendo is intending for the animal crossing villager being added to mario kart 8 (in a dlc pack) to be ambiguously gendered. as in, they’ve intentionally modelled the character such that anyone can read whatever gender they want. 

it’s mostly the face type. the vast majority of the face types have some difference between boys and girls - to go with one that’s the same for both seems deliberate, especially given that they’ve already got somewhat iconic villager designs from smash brothers. 


the hair is ungendered too. in new leaf, you can unlock “girl’s hairstyles” for boys and vice-versa, but it’s a long, difficult process - more of a bonus unlock than a statement of universality. the hair they went with for mario kart is the one truly unisex hairstyle - the ‘bedhead’, which can be obtained by anyone by simply not playing the game for a few days. 

finally, this tweet from an official nintendo account seems to refer to villager as ‘they’ (it’s possible she’s referring to the other competitors generally, but that would be some kinda clunky phrasing). if villager was intended to be a boy or a girl, why not say “i hope <he/she> goes easy on me”? a lot of people are in fact resistant to singular ‘they’, so it doesn’t seem like an accident to use it here, given the other evidence. 

it’s a choice that makes sense, if you think about it. they likely only wanted to make one character model, and didn’t want to alienate anyone. maybe this is just one of the models, and there’ll be a selector for different boy and girl types, like there is for the coloured yoshis and shy guys. i doubt it though. in those cases, it’s only colours that are changing - different villagers would require totally different physical models. 


now it’s not like this is the most progressive, inclusive thing in the world. like for example, they could have an explicitly non binary character, since popular media desperately needs such characters. and it would help if they, yknow, actually made any statement or indication that this is in fact an intentionally inclusive stance (there’s still a few months left until release, so they do have some time). but still! it’s nice!